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White Officer of the Year Attacked by Black Teens

White officer beat by blacks

Officer of the Year Matthew Cammarn was responding to a call in the Nashville housing projects. The call involved a domestic dispute in which 22 year old Brain Shannon was seen hitting a young woman.  This is when the alleged criminal fought back, repeatedly beating  Cammarn. About 30 seconds of video was captured clearly showing onlookers joining in on the vicious beating. Shannon was able to escape in the commotion.  The minute Officer Cammarn was able to get up the cowards dispersed, and Cammarn sought out medical attention.

Just last year Cammarn was awarded “Officer of the Year” in Nashville, Tennessee for saving the life of 17 year old who had been shot through a major artery. In one year Officer Cammarn went from being a hero to being beat down for doing his job. Many of the big news media players only briefly touched on the subject. Had these circumstances been reversed and a black man been savagely beaten by white teens it would play nonstop for weeks. Please help us bring this story to light by sharing this post on Facebook.

Update: Cammarn is recovering from his injuries, and Brain Shannon was been apprehended. What sentence do you believe Brain Shannon deserves? Comment below.