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Top 7 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton is an Idiot!

With the upcoming presidential elections in sight, the two candidates are preparing for the last straight line of the track. It is definitely too early and too close to call who will be America’s next big boss. Although we do not like taking sides and pointing fingers, we will definitely go a bit outside the rule and try to unravel 10 reasons why you should not vote for Hillary Clinton. In fact, we will go a bit further, and paint the list in a more vivid way. Hillary Clinton is an idiot any everyone needs to know.

  1. Email Scandal

The email scandal was on everyone’s lips for the last couple of months. However, few people actually know that this is a highly exaggerated topic and that stupidity is the thing to focus here. Using a personal email account is a big “no no” for every employee from both the public and the private sector. Being the Secretary of State and using Yahoo or Gmail is of course cute and cool, but when you get that close to the Red Button, security and protocol should prevail. Only idiots make mistakes like this one. We can only hope she did not used passwords like “bill_forever_2015”.

  1. Building Lie on Top of Lie

Hillary is well known for the countless lies she told in front of the camera, ranging from personal issues, up towards those concerning national affairs. Liars who are caught are usually idiots, especially if they are women. With so many opportunities to disguise the truth in “politically correct” ways, we definitely do not need someone dishonest at the White House. We said women who do not know how to lie are idiots not as an insult directed at half of our audience. Man who do that are the same, but for women it is certainly easier to get away with an easier punishment if they come upfront and say the uncomfortable truth.

  1. Staying By Her Cheating Husband

When the Lewinsky scandal hit, Hillary was suddenly given a lot more power in her hands. She could have easily went in front and act like every other women who caught her man on the wrong foot. However, she went the other way, standing by her man, and sending a contradictory message. While most men and even some women would appreciate this sacrifice, this is certainly a big turnoff for the spearheads of the feminist movement. Many years separate us now from that moment in time, and the echoes have somehow diluted. Nevertheless, Hillary scored major points as an idiot for accommodating compromise at the highest level in an unprecedented way.

  1. Not Being a Model for Women

Every presidential candidate eventually bets on something unique and radical to get ahead of the opposition. When it comes to Hillary, it is obvious that she has a major advantage in front of Trump. America having its first women president would be a major validation for the democratic system, the same way it happened with Obama in 2008. Being the first African-American president proved to be the more exotic option back then. Although riding high with this advantage, Hillary is far from being a model for women and a spokesperson for their interests. It is enough to look at few of the other points on our list in order to understand why

5. Having Zero Accomplishments

This might come as a shock for those of you used to use a function as an accomplishment. Hillary began her career as a First Lady, not the kind of one to leave the same powerful impression as Michelle. As she moved forward to become New York Senator and later Secretary of State, Hillary was the one talking too much, making mistakes, and trying to explain those mistakes by talking again too much. Her 4 years serving the last position produced nothing to make her deserve a position once held by Thomas Jefferson. Hillary Clinton was definitely one of the weakest Secretary of State in the last couple of decades, contributing to a continuous erosion of US credibility and power.

     6. She Slips Stupid Messages in Her Speeches

It is enough to search on YouTube in order to find samples of the times she spoke complete non-sense. Only an idiot would open the mouth and produce such memorable answers that will most likely backfire later in the campaign. Hillary took the topics of religion and abortion and delivered a contradictory message.

     7. She Knows Nothing about the Economy

Having a President with zero knowledge regarding how a real economy works is indeed scary. Hillary has taken a bit from everyone and created her wonderland, in which jobs have nothing to do with big corporations. Hillary cheated by copying too much from the “exam paper” of Bernie Sanders, and was caught red-handed.  The Robin Hood style of re-distributing wealth works only in theory and huge mechanism need to be over-thrown in order for something to happen along this road. Hillary is unrealistic and insists with her stupid ideas, which entitle us to call her an idiot. We are sure even Bill Clinton slips a smile watching his wife on TV tackling economy-related questions.