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The Stars and Bars

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The Stars and Bars was the first official flag to fly in the name of the Confederate States of America. The original version of this Confederate Flag contained only seven stars which represented the first seven states to join the Confederacy. These original seven states were of course: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. More stars were added as the Confederacy grew in numbers until the final version of the Stars and Bars contained  all 13 states of the Confederate States of America. The original seven star design first flew over the CSA’s first capital Montgomery, Alabama on March 4th, 1861.

How the Stars and Bars came to be

One of the first acts of the Provisional Confederate Congress was to create the “Committee on the Flag and Seal” which was tasked with the responsibility to create the young nation’s first National Flag. The committee leader William Miles (who also designed the famous Confederate Battle Flag) opened up the discussion to the public; allowing people to submit their own designs and ideas. The committee was soon flooded with request for them not to abandon the original Stars and Stripes of the United States. As such the Stars and Bars was designed and approved to closely resembled the American flag.

Replacement of the Stars and Bars

As iconic as the Stars and Bars is today the flag itself had a short lived lifespan. With fierce battles raging across America, the tactical disadvantages of the flag became immediately clear. Due to it’s similarities to the American Flag it was often hard to discern which units were friendly or hostile. this of course led to confusion on the battlefield with many cases of units firing upon allied forces as was seen in the First Battle of Bull Run.

Soon complaints from various Confederate Commanders  as well as civilian Newspapers started funneling in. They criticized the flag for being to similar to the Yankee flag which stood against the very rights they were fighting for. By May 1st 1863 the Stars and Bars was replaced by the Stainless Banner which many felt more accurately represented the Southern Cause.

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