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The Confederate Battle Flag

Made famous by General Robert E. Lee, general of the Army of North Virginia, the confederate battle flag was used by confederate soldiers as the de-facto flag because the official CSA’s flag was too similar to the Union’s flag. The flag itself is adorned with Christian symbolism. The red background represent the blood of Christ. The white border signifies the protection of god, and the blue X represent the Christian Cross of Saint Andrews, the first disciple of Christ, Jesus and Patron Saint of Scotland. The 13 stars of course represent the 13 Southern States that succeed from the Union. All of this comes together to form the entire message: “Through the Blood of Christ, with he Protection of God, these thirteen states are united in our christian fight for liberty”. Robert E. Lee’s Army received these flags in ceremony on November 28, 1861 and carried them throughout the Civil War.  Many soldiers wrote home about the ceremony and the impression the flag had upon them, the banner having rallied their morale. If you’d like a more thorough account on the Battle Flag’s history you can read it here.


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