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Why I stand by the Rebel Flag

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The rebel flag has undergone a lot with in the past year. Ever since the tragedy in Charleston every single liberal, political correctness Nazi, and “progressive” in this country has defiled the flag without having the slightest idea what it represents or truly means. We already wrote on the symbolism behind its creation which you can read here. It’s time someone wrote in the rebel flag’s defence.

Drive down the country side and everywhere you see a rebel flag you’ll see hardworking hands. It flies over the home’s of honest Southern. Whether they’re a farmer, doctor, or small business owner. We understand the value of an honest wage. It’s one of our core values, and one like many others thats embodied in our flag.

It’s a symbol that stands against government oppression, and tyranny. For those that really know their history the confederate flag serves as a reminder to always question our government. It stands to serve us, not the other way around. This is why those who fly the rebel flag are more likely to vote, and be politically active. Among other things the flag is used for peaceful protest against an overbearing federal government.

Lastly, it’s a symbol of pride. The term Heritage not Hate is used often in reference to our flag. There’s a lot of truth behind these words. We fly our flag because we’re proud of where we’re from. Race doesn’t matter as there’s quite a few black men and women who are proud to be from Dixie and fly the flag as well. It’s to show off our roots, not oppress a certain group.

So, if you want a generation of Americans who are hardworking, politically informed voters, and actually stand during the National anthem. I’d suggest your raise them under the rebel flag, it will do them a lot more good than you think. If I’ve managed to change your mind, or if you’re looking for a new flag we have the rebel flag for sale here.