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Best Confederate Flag for Sale Online

We take great pride in being one of the best places to get a Confederate flag for sale online. Having been in business for several years we’ve sold thousands of Confederate flags and rebel merchandise. Selling strictly online we’ve managed to keep prices lower than our competitors without compromising quality.

How Buy Confederate Flag got it’s Start

This company started because we couldn’t find a Confederate Flag for sale online anywhere. Due to liberal media, and political pressures sites like Amazon, and eBay banned all rebel merchandise. You couldn’t even buy a Rebel Flag at Walmart. Needless to say as proud Southerners we had to do something about it. With a small investment we got our website and first batch of flags. That first batch of rebel flags quickly sold out. Since then we’ve been able to provide a variety of different rebel and confederate flags for sale.  Including our very sturdy and embroidered Cotton Confederate Flag. Our inventory of Confederate Flag for sale even include a special weather and wind resistant rebel flag for your truck.

confederate flag for sale

We offer more than a Confederate Flag for sale

Aside from offer rebel flags for sale, we also have a goal to educate the public. Thanks to the Fake News more and more people find the Confederate Flag racist. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. On our blog you’ll find educational resources on the Confederate Flag. Everything from history to opinion pieces. We even boast some articles submitted from loyal Buy Confederate Flag customers. In the end educating the public on the issue is just as important to us as is having the best selection of Confederate Flags for sale.

We also offer a sense of Southern Pride. We’ve built a wonder community on our Facebook and Instagram pages where Southern Culture can be embrace without the need to be soft spoken. In fact many customer’s will buy a confederate flag and send us a picture as soon as it arrives. We do our best to share this across our social media and even here on 

So, if you’re looking for a confederate flag for sale you’ve come to the right place. We add different flags and material types regularly so be sure to check back to see if we have the Confederate flag for sale that you need.  You can also contact us on our contact page and make a specific request. For all wholesale inquires please email