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Born Free

When it comes to the widely debated issue of gun control in America, individuals can quickly find themselves backed into a corner, regardless of where they stand on the issue. This situation has been heating up for some time now, and with Mr. Obama’s recent statement that his last year in office will focus on “sustained” gun control it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down. This could be the beginning of the end of the war on our freedoms. So, lets take a look at what it means to be free, how that freedom can be stolen, and how we can justly defend that which, in my eyes, is an unalienable right to self-protection.

In order to begin this discussion, one must ask themselves a very simple question. Where does freedom come from?

Does it come from a panel of Federal Judges? Is it society as a whole that houses the very foundation of our Rights? Are your freedoms subject to change based on the votes of others? Is it a piece of hemp paper that gives us our freedom, or does the Constitution merely state the inherent rights and natural freedoms that all human beings are born with?

Freedom is a natural right. Something that can only be taken away if allowed. This is not my opinion, it is fact. Unless you submit, no amount of tyranny, oppression or manipulation can take away your freedom. This is something that the Civil Rights movement taught us as a country very well, and as a result of their non-submission, those pages of American history now serve well as reminders of what we as a people can accomplish when faced  with adversity.

It was blood, sweat and tears that made their freedom ring, even though it was inside them all along. They simply had to demand that it be respected. Sometimes we must kick and scream, shout it from the roof tops and proclaim in the streets that we shall be free. The right to adequate self defense is no different. From the soap box all things just will appear the same… worth fighting for.

Now, the right to self defense should not be something so easily dismantled. Yet for some reason, in this country and in others across the world, the right to bear arms has been systematically stripped, and with alarming ease I might add. Why? The answer is a four letter word that has the power to rock and destroy every human thought in an instant.


Fear of this person or that group. Fear terrorism, fear climate change, fear the dark alleys and fear the news…etc. Fear is the number one motivator for the loss of liberty, life and freedom. Since 9/11 and the first installation of the Patriot Act Americans have been witness to the death of numerous rights, including but not limited to the many rights of privacy that are being trampled today by government organizations like the NSA, United Nations and Homeland Security. All in the name of your Fear.

We fear, and that’s exactly where the global elite want us. In a corner, cowering, where no other choice seems plausible and so we say “Please help us be safe. Take all the guns and save us from the scary bad guys.” And poof, the freedom to defend yourself is gone that quickly. All because you were scared. And you should be.

The true terror comes from a radicalized government infused with elitist and corporate entities that would just as soon spit on America than see it function properly. An organization so corrupted that the only way to stand up to it, is to literally Stand Up and say NO.

But a scared public is easy to control. A fearful populace will vote any way you guide them, as long as they feel a sense of safety as a result. How better to monopolize these feelings than to take away the defensive tools of said people and then vow to protect them from a threat that you yourself created. Brilliantly disturbing to say the very least…

The true question is how do we defend against this? How do we ensure that we and our children retain the right to bear arms?

Just say NO. It’s that simple. Be willing to protect your rights with your life. Don’t let fear control your decisions. Take the time to be a free thinker and teach your children the same. Question the motives of those who take power over you. Do not remain silent. Resist.

This doesn’t mean we rush into the streets brandishing our weapons and shooting all who oppose. It does, however, mean that we make a stand. Together we can save our Freedoms from being sold to the highest Corporate bidder. Together we can make enough noise to ensure the safety of Americans from Tyranny and ensure that we retain the natural right to self defense.

Together we can change the destructive path this country is on. Liberal, conservative or anything in between, we all have an obligation to ensure the continuity of Freedoms in America. It’s time to stand for something and stop falling for the fear tactics.


By Mike Moore