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Keeping Tradition Alive

It is our goal here at to keep Southern tradition alive. Whether that’s tailgating on Saturday night, enjoying your sweet tea with every meal, treating strangers like family, or great food, nothing beats living below the Mason-Dixon line. We believe in preserving the original message of what the Confederate flag stands for: state’s rights, no taxation without representation, and less government. We dare defend our rights to preserve this message and the southern culture and history behind it. We are here to meet the demand of people who truly appreciate the history behind the Confederate flag and can’t find it anywhere else. 


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Why Confederate Monuments are Important

As liberals and social justice warriors around the country cry over Confederate monuments and how it hurts their feelings, the country seems to have forgotten why these statues were erected in the first place. That reason is the same reason why we have statues of former presidents George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant (both of which who owned slaves and had their share of vices), or build Vietnam War memorials. We build these monuments in remembrance of those who served.

There were 600,000 military deaths due to the Civil War, more than any other war in American history. I won’t sit here a say that every soldier was a saint; atrocities were committed on both sides by Confederate and Union soldiers. Yet I do believe that everyone should be allowed to mourn and remember their lost ones. Most Confederate soldiers weren’t slave owners, but all of them were sons or grandsons called away to defend their state. The Confederate memorials are just that, memorials to those lost during the war. The liberal media however seems bent on making up other reasons as to why they were put up citing oppression or racism as if monuments could oppress or be racist towards anyone.

So next time someone complains about Confederate monuments kindly remind them their true purpose, and the act of commemorating the death of our ancestors isn’t meant to hurt their sensitive feelings.

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Best Confederate Flag for Sale Online

We take great pride in being one of the best places to get a Confederate flag for sale online. Having been in business for several years we’ve sold thousands of Confederate flags and rebel merchandise. Selling strictly online we’ve managed to keep prices lower than our competitors without compromising quality.

How Buy Confederate Flag got it’s Start

This company started because we couldn’t find a Confederate Flag for sale online anywhere. Due to liberal media, and political pressures sites like Amazon, and eBay banned all rebel merchandise. You couldn’t even buy a Rebel Flag at Walmart. Needless to say as proud Southerners we had to do something about it. With a small investment we got our website and first batch of flags. That first batch of rebel flags quickly sold out. Since then we’ve been able to provide a variety of different rebel and confederate flags for sale.  Including our very sturdy and embroidered Cotton Confederate Flag. Our inventory of Confederate Flag for sale even include a special weather and wind resistant rebel flag for your truck.

confederate flag for sale

We offer more than a Confederate Flag for sale

Aside from offer rebel flags for sale, we also have a goal to educate the public. Thanks to the Fake News more and more people find the Confederate Flag racist. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. On our blog you’ll find educational resources on the Confederate Flag. Everything from history to opinion pieces. We even boast some articles submitted from loyal Buy Confederate Flag customers. In the end educating the public on the issue is just as important to us as is having the best selection of Confederate Flags for sale.

We also offer a sense of Southern Pride. We’ve built a wonder community on our Facebook and Instagram pages where Southern Culture can be embrace without the need to be soft spoken. In fact many customer’s will buy a confederate flag and send us a picture as soon as it arrives. We do our best to share this across our social media and even here on 

So, if you’re looking for a confederate flag for sale you’ve come to the right place. We add different flags and material types regularly so be sure to check back to see if we have the Confederate flag for sale that you need.  You can also contact us on our contact page and make a specific request. For all wholesale inquires please email

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The Stars and Bars

Stars and Bars flag for sale

The Stars and Bars was the first official flag to fly in the name of the Confederate States of America. The original version of this Confederate Flag contained only seven stars which represented the first seven states to join the Confederacy. These original seven states were of course: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. More stars were added as the Confederacy grew in numbers until the final version of the Stars and Bars contained  all 13 states of the Confederate States of America. The original seven star design first flew over the CSA’s first capital Montgomery, Alabama on March 4th, 1861.

How the Stars and Bars came to be

One of the first acts of the Provisional Confederate Congress was to create the “Committee on the Flag and Seal” which was tasked with the responsibility to create the young nation’s first National Flag. The committee leader William Miles (who also designed the famous Confederate Battle Flag) opened up the discussion to the public; allowing people to submit their own designs and ideas. The committee was soon flooded with request for them not to abandon the original Stars and Stripes of the United States. As such the Stars and Bars was designed and approved to closely resembled the American flag.

Replacement of the Stars and Bars

As iconic as the Stars and Bars is today the flag itself had a short lived lifespan. With fierce battles raging across America, the tactical disadvantages of the flag became immediately clear. Due to it’s similarities to the American Flag it was often hard to discern which units were friendly or hostile. this of course led to confusion on the battlefield with many cases of units firing upon allied forces as was seen in the First Battle of Bull Run.

Soon complaints from various Confederate Commanders  as well as civilian Newspapers started funneling in. They criticized the flag for being to similar to the Yankee flag which stood against the very rights they were fighting for. By May 1st 1863 the Stars and Bars was replaced by the Stainless Banner which many felt more accurately represented the Southern Cause.

You can pick up your very own Stars and Bars flag here

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History of the Confederate Battle Flag

Confederate Battle Flag

The Confederate Battle Flag of the Army of North Virginia, or more commonly known as the Confederate Flag, has a deep rich history that not many people know about.  Along with selling Confederate Flags, we also take great pride in providing an accurate representation of rebel history. So brag your favorite sipping whiskey, and sit back because we’re not skipping a thing.

The Army of North Virginia

Confederate Battle Flag
Confederate Battle Flag

The Confederate Battle Flag became an iconic for Dixie thanks to the efforts of the Army of North Virginia and their leader, General Robert E. Lee. The army, which was routinely underfed, outgunned, and to the point of exhaustion, secured victory after victory for the Confederacy. They we’re the pride of Dixie and the scorn of the Union. The Yankee’s feared General Lee’s Army so much that the Confederacy ended up adopting their battle flag into the official national flag. It took the drunkard Ulysses Grant sending wave after wave of his own army to be mascaraed to finally corner Lee into a defensive position. The Confederate Battle Flag is the perfect example of rebel grit. Even against great odds we will always persevere.

The Design of the Confederate Battle Flag

The flag itself is a modification of the Navy Jack which was lighter blue. The Navy Jack was of coursed used by the Confederate Navy and a few blockade runners. Its thirteen stars represent the thirteen Confederate States. Not many know this, but the flag itself is shrouded in Christian symbolism which we discuss in greater detail here.  In essence the Red was meant to represent the blood of Christ and through his protection our Christian ancestors fought for the preservation of liberty. The Confederate Battle Flag, like most battle flags at the time belonging to army units was much more square than rectangular.

Common Misunderstandings

As we mentioned before the Confederate Battle Flag is commonly mistaken as the flag for the Confederate States of America. This is simply not true. The Confederate States of America had three official flags with the later two adopting the Confederate Battle Flag into its general design. If you wish to read more about the Official Flags of the Confederate States of America you can read our quick summary at I plan on writing a more detailed review on each later on. So while the Battle Flag may not be an official flag, I would argue its significance to Southern culture and way of life is just as important. It represents our rebel cause and should be flown with pride. If you liked the history lesson please share this article on Facebook, Twitter, or email, anything that accurately represents our Heritage in a world filled with liberal brainwashing helps.


We also have this Confederate Flag for sale at

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The Blood Stained Banner

Blood Stained Banner

The Blood Stained Banner was the last official flag of the Confederate States of America and one of the more easily recognizable Dixie flags. It was formally adopted on March 4, 1865 with one unique modification to its predecessor. The Blood Stained Banner contains one rectangular blood red stripe at the end.

How the Blood Stained Banner came to be

The red stripe modification was put forth by Major Arthur L. Rogers who argued that during the mist of battle the Second National Flag looked too much like a white flag of surrender. He took this argument to the Confederate Senate where he proposed that not only will the redesign cause less confusion on the battlefield, but that the less “Yankee Blue” the flag had the better. This of course in reference to the blue on the United States flag and blue uniforms Union soldiers wore.

The Flag Act of 1865 officially adopted the Third National flag. Unfortunately the law passed near the very end of the war and very few flags were made and put on the field. While very few Confederate soldiers ever saw the flag it’s now almost universally distinguished in Dixie.

It’s Design

The Blood Stained Banner features many prominent attributes. The upper left corner bears the Battle Flag of The Army of North Virginia. The Army of North Virginia of course was commanded by the great General Robert E. Lee. It was known across Dixie and the North for decimating Yankee forces even against great odds, outnumbered and out supplied. It was of course to inspire Rebel troops and instill fear into Union forces. The white field was meant to symbolize the purity of their cause. Which of course was a small federal government.

Where you can find one today

While not as common as the Confederate Battle flag the Third national flag can be found all across Dixie. Civil War reenactors use it extensively, and it can even be found in small town government and community buildings. We have the third Confederate Flag for sale here:



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Why I stand by the Rebel Flag

rebel flag for sale

The rebel flag has undergone a lot with in the past year. Ever since the tragedy in Charleston every single liberal, political correctness Nazi, and “progressive” in this country has defiled the flag without having the slightest idea what it represents or truly means. We already wrote on the symbolism behind its creation which you can read here. It’s time someone wrote in the rebel flag’s defence.

Drive down the country side and everywhere you see a rebel flag you’ll see hardworking hands. It flies over the home’s of honest Southern. Whether they’re a farmer, doctor, or small business owner. We understand the value of an honest wage. It’s one of our core values, and one like many others thats embodied in our flag.

It’s a symbol that stands against government oppression, and tyranny. For those that really know their history the confederate flag serves as a reminder to always question our government. It stands to serve us, not the other way around. This is why those who fly the rebel flag are more likely to vote, and be politically active. Among other things the flag is used for peaceful protest against an overbearing federal government.

Lastly, it’s a symbol of pride. The term Heritage not Hate is used often in reference to our flag. There’s a lot of truth behind these words. We fly our flag because we’re proud of where we’re from. Race doesn’t matter as there’s quite a few black men and women who are proud to be from Dixie and fly the flag as well. It’s to show off our roots, not oppress a certain group.

So, if you want a generation of Americans who are hardworking, politically informed voters, and actually stand during the National anthem. I’d suggest your raise them under the rebel flag, it will do them a lot more good than you think. If I’ve managed to change your mind, or if you’re looking for a new flag we have the rebel flag for sale here.

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White Officer of the Year Attacked by Black Teens

White officer beat by blacks

Officer of the Year Matthew Cammarn was responding to a call in the Nashville housing projects. The call involved a domestic dispute in which 22 year old Brain Shannon was seen hitting a young woman.  This is when the alleged criminal fought back, repeatedly beating  Cammarn. About 30 seconds of video was captured clearly showing onlookers joining in on the vicious beating. Shannon was able to escape in the commotion.  The minute Officer Cammarn was able to get up the cowards dispersed, and Cammarn sought out medical attention.

Just last year Cammarn was awarded “Officer of the Year” in Nashville, Tennessee for saving the life of 17 year old who had been shot through a major artery. In one year Officer Cammarn went from being a hero to being beat down for doing his job. Many of the big news media players only briefly touched on the subject. Had these circumstances been reversed and a black man been savagely beaten by white teens it would play nonstop for weeks. Please help us bring this story to light by sharing this post on Facebook.

Update: Cammarn is recovering from his injuries, and Brain Shannon was been apprehended. What sentence do you believe Brain Shannon deserves? Comment below.

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Top 7 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton is an Idiot!

With the upcoming presidential elections in sight, the two candidates are preparing for the last straight line of the track. It is definitely too early and too close to call who will be America’s next big boss. Although we do not like taking sides and pointing fingers, we will definitely go a bit outside the rule and try to unravel 10 reasons why you should not vote for Hillary Clinton. In fact, we will go a bit further, and paint the list in a more vivid way. Hillary Clinton is an idiot any everyone needs to know.

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Things you can do with your 3×5 Confederate Flag

First of all, if you don’t already own one we have some awesome 3×5 Confederate Flags for sale here. We’re a firm believer that every proud Southerner should own at least one, but I’m sure after you read this article you’ll probably want to end up owning several. We’ve been lucky enough to have awesome customers who send us pictures of their flags and what they’re doing with them and we’d thought we’d share some of their creative idea’s with you guys. Unfortunately we can’t post them all here, but if you’d like to see all of them or if you’d like to submit a picture of your flag please feel free to check us out on instagram at Now without further ado here are some of the things you can do!

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