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Why Confederate Monuments are Important

As liberals and social justice warriors around the country cry over Confederate monuments and how it hurts their feelings, the country seems to have forgotten why these statues were erected in the first place. That reason is the same reason why we have statues of former presidents George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant (both of which who owned slaves and had their share of vices), or build Vietnam War memorials. We build these monuments in remembrance of those who served.

There were 600,000 military deaths due to the Civil War, more than any other war in American history. I won’t sit here a say that every soldier was a saint; atrocities were committed on both sides by Confederate and Union soldiers. Yet I do believe that everyone should be allowed to mourn and remember their lost ones. Most Confederate soldiers weren’t slave owners, but all of them were sons or grandsons called away to defend their state. The Confederate memorials are just that, memorials to those lost during the war. The liberal media however seems bent on making up other reasons as to why they were put up citing oppression or racism as if monuments could oppress or be racist towards anyone.

So next time someone complains about Confederate monuments kindly remind them their true purpose, and the act of commemorating the death of our ancestors isn’t meant to hurt their sensitive feelings.