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History Behind The Confederate Flags

Quite a few of y’all have asked us why the Confederate States of American had some many flags and which confederate flag to buy. Well after extensive research we have an answer. You should buy all of them because they all have a rich history and are a shining example of southern culture. Sweet tea is expensive though so we understand if the budget only allows for one purpose so we’ll try our best to give a quick snippet on each flags history and how it came to be so you can choose which one you’d prefer to buy.

  1. The First Confederate National Flag

stars and bars

Also known as “The Stars and Bars” was the first flag flown over the CSA’s first capital (Montgomery, Alabama). The committee created to chose a new flag polled the citizens and received “overwhelming request not to abandon the old flag” so giving the support for a flag similar to the United States flag The Stars and Bars was born. Unfortunately the similarity made it hard to see who the enemy was on the battlefield. That and the fact that many confederates disfavor the flag because it was so similar to the Union flag which symbolized¬†centralized federal power over states’ rights and increased taxation (the whole reason the civil war was started in the first place) made them abandon this flag a design another one. Hence the second flag was born.

2. The Stainless Banner


The Stainless Banner was the first flag to incorporate the Confederate Battle Flag which at this point had become famous thanks to the efforts of General Robert E. Lee and the Army of North Virginia. The nickname stainless comes from its completely white background, and was designed by¬†“William T. Thompson, a newspaper editor and writer based in Savannah, Georgia, with assistance from William Ross Postell, a Confederate blockade runner”. While the flag was favorable at first it soon begun taking criticism for being too white. Not wanting their flag to be mistaken as a flag of truce designers went back to the drawing board.

3. The Blood Stained Banner

blood stained banner

The Blood Stained Banner was the 3rd and final Confederate Flag of the CSA. The red bar was of course used to symbolize the blood shed by Southern soldiers all while having “as little as possible of the Yankee Blue”. Unfortunately not many of the copies of the flag were produced as the War of Northern Aggression was drawing to a close. Many however still see this flag as a true representation of the South, the blood shed by Southern soldiers and the famous Confederate Battle Flag of the North Virginian Army in the top right corner come to represent all the struggles and victories of the Confederate States of America.

We hope the quick history lesson will help you in choosing your favorite National Confederate Flag!

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Why buying a Confederate flag is the most American thing you can do.

If you’re like me, you’re pretty darn tired of people trashing on your heritage. Words like racist and treason are being thrown around to describe the Confederate flag by people who couldn’t tell the back end of a donkey. Now I’m here to set the people who are trying to get a piece of history banned straight. When I wake up every morning I thank the good Lord for placing me in a country where I have certain inalienable rights. One of my favorites (aside from the right to bear arms of course) is the right to freedom of speech. That means you and I have every right to express our opinions on a number of items, hell that’s what makes America great, and last I check hanging a flag on the back of my pick up truck didn’t hurt anyone either. What it does do is represent a big part of my culture and upbringing, something that makes me the man I am today. So its time the silent majority took a stand and exercised our freedom of speech, its the American thing to do.